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Silverback Arm Bands

Silverback Arm Bands


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Gorilla Bands are designed to increase a baseball player’s range of motion and durability by targeting key muscles in the shoulder, back and arm through a series of warm up exercises. Use Gorilla Bands as a integral part of any arm care program to maximize results. By properly incorporating Gorilla Bands into an arm care program and throwing regimen, athletes can expect to see a increase in arm flexibility, mobility and range of motion which can lead to increased velocity, durability and stamina. Our bands are designed for all players whether it be a pitcher, a catcher or any position player. Incorporate Gorilla Bands into your practice routine today to ensure you stay healthy and durable ALL Season Long!

Adult Gorilla Bands are heavy resistance, designed for ages 13 and above.   

For Proper Care of Your Gorilla Bands Please:

Do Not Align the Clip Directly with Your Face from the Anchor Position.

Keep Gorilla Bands Stored in a Bag to Shield it from Sun & Cleat Damage.

Inspect Bands for Wear Before each Use.

Bands should not be Stretched more than 2 Feet Longer than Original Length.

Gorilla Bands are NOT Toys: For Throwing Training Purposes Only.

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