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Easton Resmondo Two-Piece Loaded Slowpitch USSSA Bat 2024


  • $299.99

The 2024 Easton Resmondo 2-piece Loaded slowpitch bat will unlock every ounce of power in your swing – and leave opposing pitchers picking their jaws up off the dirt. 

The new 232 barrel technology features a 5-flex barrel design, allowing for variable compression throughout the bat – that’s tech talk for a MASSIVE sweet spot with unreal pop. When you combine that with the CXN MAX connection joint, you get perfect-perfect feel on almost any contact.

On top of that, this bat features a loaded Optimized Player Weighting, which unloads energy at the apex of your swing for max power. Plus, the HDK23 carbon fiber throughout the 12.75” barrel is as high-performing and durable as you’ll find anywhere. 

Get your 2024 Easton Resmondo 2-piece Loaded slowpitch bat today!

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