KR3 Hi-Impact Birch C271 Centretown Sports

KR3 Hi-Impact Birch C271


  • $89.99

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KR3 Hi-Impact Birch C271

  • Bone Rubbed
  • Pro Ink Dot
  • Cupped to drop 3
  • High Gloss Black Finish
The C271 Hi-Impact Birch is Double Bone Rubbed for maximum hardness and features a slender barrel combined with a thick handle for great durability. Commonly used by both power and contact hitters because of its strength and balanced feel.

    Pro Ink Dot “Certified” Yellow Birch from Quebec’s Eastern townships and supplied by North Americas best quality Yellow Birch producers to the highest ball bat standards.  The wood bat of the future with high shock resistance - 41% above Maple and 28% above Ash.  Unique fibre cleavage that gives great resistance to splitting and other shear forces combined with greater strength and stiffness than either Ash or Maple.  Double bone rubbed and triple coated finish.  Pro Grade – Drop 3.

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