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Mizuno Samurai - Catchers Glove 33"

Mizuno Samurai - Catchers Glove 33"


  • $169.99


Mizuno Samurai 33" Youth Baseball Catcher's Mitt: GXC95Y3

Grab the Samurai Mitt for your young catcher and know his hand is going to be safe and secure within this mitt!

Mitt Benefits

The Samurai is going to be an excellent mitt for catchers who are starting to specialize at the catcher position and want a mitt to match their commitment to defending the dish!

The big factor that will get a lot of young backstops to check out this mitt is going to be the extra protection that Mizuno adds to the thumb portion of it. When a catcher slips on this mitt, it is going to feel like they are putting their thumb into a cast within the mitt. Their thumb will be tightly secured while in the mitt and it will be protected from any excess pounding that could be caused by catching a baseball.

Lastly, this mitt is going to be perfect for players aged 7 years old to 13 years old. It will have a snug fit that should keep it nice and tight on a youth player's hand. 

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