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Mizuno Training 30" Catchers Glove - GFN1T


  • $139.99


Mizuno Franchise 30" Training Baseball Catcher's Mitt: GFN1T
When it comes to baseball, there is always room for improvement. Don't be complacent...grab this Mizuno Franchise 30" Training Mitt today! 
Glove Benefits

At the heart of the Franchise Catcher's Training Mitt is its full-grain leather shell and Mizuno's signature Steersoft Elite Palm Liner.  This combination provides catchers with a comfortable and protective training mitt, so they can narrow their focus on improving their skills! 

This training mitt features a standard wrist opening, retaining the familiarity and stability that players rely on. Yet, it will push their boundaries with a smaller 30.00-inch circumference. By working with a smaller glove, catchers can hone skills such as hand-eye coordination, pitch framing, and transfers.

Designed with a quick break-in period and tailored for adolescent and teenaged hands, the Mizuno Franchise 30" Training Catcher's Mitt bridges the gap between junior mitts and adult sizes, ensuring that players have equipment suited to their phase of growth!

  • 30.00 Inch Circumference

  • Recommended Exclusively For Use By Catchers

  • Should Feature A Fairly Easy Break-In

  • Designed For An Adolescent And Teenaged Hand

  • Closed, Two-Piece Web

  • Full Grain Leather Shell

  • Colorway: Black | Tan

  • Steersoft Elite Palm Liner - Provides Exceptional Feel & Built To Hold Up To The Rigors Of A Full Season

  • Single Break Catchers Mitt

  • Trainer Glove - Standard Wrist Opening, But Smaller Length To Allow Older Catchers To Hone Their Skills (Hand-Eye Coordination, Pitch Framing & Transfers) With A Smaller Glove.

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