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Nike Hyperstrong Padded Knee Sleeves


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The Nike Hyperstrong Padded Knee Sleeves Knee Sleeve is suitable for basketball games and has reinforced padding in Ariaprene. It comes with adjustable sleeve and abrasion resistant, as well as has system that removes sweat from the skin.

Technical Information

Ensure total safety during basketball games with the Nike Hyperstrong Padded Knee Sleeves Knee Sleeves. Made of polyester, elastane, polystyrene and polyethylene, the piece has Ariaprene insertion that maintains muscle heat and ensures extreme lightness, as well as helping to cushion against impacts. It also features an adjustable and abrasion-resistant sleeve, providing the necessary support. In addition, it has Dri-Fit technology, which removes sweat and keeps the knee dry and comfortable. Its basic design is entirely black and features the Nike logo highlighted in white on the front. Comfort and quality in a single product, buy now and practice your favorite sport with all the necessary protection.

Contains: 01 pair
Composition: 55% Polyester, 23% Elastane, 14% Polystyrene, 08% Polyethylene
Technology: Dri-Fit

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