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Rawlings Heart of the Hide 12.75" - RPROT3029C-6B


  • $379.99

Roam the outfield like the legends of the past with this Heart of the Hide traditional outfield glove! Featuring all-black Heart of the Hide leather, this glove offers superior structure, feel, and durability. There's a reason pros have been choosing Heart of the Hide for more than 65 years! In addition to the leather shell, the deer tanned cowhide lining gives you a soft hand surface that's comfortable and easy to handle.

The 12.75-inch 302 pattern is favored by outfielders for its deep pocket and balanced width, making it a perfect glove to chase down fly balls. On top of that, the scarlet Rawlings patch and tan laces give this glove a pop of color that will make it stand out on the bench.

Get your 12.75-inch Heart of the Hide traditional outfield glove today! 

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