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Rawlings Heart of the Hide 12" LHT - PROT2064-9B


  • $379.99


Rawlings Heart of the Hide 12" Baseball Glove: PROT206-9B

Grab one of the most well-known gloves on the market when you get this pitcher model of the Rawlings Heart of the Hide!

Glove Benefits

No glove out there exemplifies baseball lore quite like the Rawlings Heart of the Hide. When you see a glove that has the famed snorting bull in the palm, you know that you are dealing with baseball glove greatness!

Rawlings constructs the shell of their Heart of the Hide gloves with top-grade U.S. Steerhide and this material will be able to handle the rigors of a grueling high school, college or summer season. And to match the shell's quality, the glove's hand slot is made from a deer-tanned cowhide that will be extra comfortable on a player's hand!

This specific glove will be 12 inches in its length and have a two-piece, closed web. That design will make it super attractive for pitchers! The standard palm width and deep pocket will allow a pitcher plenty of room to place their entire hand inside of the glove to grip a pitch (allowing all of their wrist to be guarded against the batter's view). And as you guessed, the closed web will keep batters from being able to see the pitcher's fingers as they grip the pitch. Be sure to note that you don't have to be a pitcher to use this glove. There may be some third basemen and shortstops out there that will want to take a shot at using this glove on the left side of the infield!

  • 12 Inch Pattern

  • Recommended For Pitcher's

  • Stiffer Feel Will Require A Break-In (Requires 60% Of Break-In To Be Done By Player)

  • Designed To Fit A High School-To-Adult Sized Hand (Rawlings’ Standard Fit - Regular Finger Stalls + A 7 Inch to 7.5 Inch Wrist Opening)

  • Two-Piece, Closed Web

  • 206 Pattern - 12.00 Inch Length. The Deepest Pocket And Standard Palm Width. Closes Thumb To 4th Finger And Pinky.

  • Constructed From Top Grade U.S. Steerhide

  • Deertanned Cowhide Palm Lining Improves Comfort For The Hand Inside The Glove

  • Colorway: Black | Red

  • Conventional Open Back

  • Padded Thumb Sleeve

  • Pro Grade Leather Laces Add Durability And Strength

  • Thermoformed Padding For The Back Of The Wrist While In The Glove


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