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Rawlings Sure Catch 10.5"  Baseball Glove

Rawlings Sure Catch 10.5" Baseball Glove


  • $59.99

Flash some leather on the diamond with the new Rawlings Sure Catch series. To kick things off, these models come with a standard all-leather shell to improve the shape of the glove while still keeping it lightweight for an increase in player control. The youth pro taper fit also serves to help with glove control as the finger stalls will be shorter and the wrist opening will be smaller, making this model intended for younger players to use.

Glove Benefits:

Arriving with a 90% factory break-in, your Rawlings Sure Catch baseball glove will be game-ready from the get-go. To help ease the process even further, Rawlings has implemented the Sure Catch heel cutout to intentionally remove a portion at the base of the glove. By doing this they make the glove much easier to close because this cutout serves as a hinge when closing the glove.  Another aspect you'll notice immediately is the cushioned finger linings. This lining creates an amazing fit and feel every time you take the field.