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Wilson A2000 - SCOT7- 12.75" - Baseball Glove


  • $379.99

Take full advantage of advanced technology in the outfield with the A2000® SCOT7SS, a 12.75” outfield baseball glove with Pro Stock® Leather, Spin Control Technology™ and SuperSkin™. The Black Pro Stock leather palm and 6 Finger Web includes Spin Control Technology – a patented surface texture engineered to increase friction against the ball, helping players handle sinking line drives and secure tough catches. Black and White SuperSkin™ reduces glove weight and repels moisture from rain or wet grass, and gradient Bold Logos complete the modern look.

The new and improved Wilson SCOT7SS A2000 features SuperSkin and Spin Control Technology giving a Popular Outfield Glove Even More Swag. This Model Features a 12.75-inch Glove Sizing, 6 Finger Web, and beautiful Black/Red/White Colorway. 

Product Features: 

  • 12.75 inch glove size
  • Webbing: Six Finger Post
  • Colorway: Black/Red/White
  • Recommended for Outfielders
  • Pro Stock® Leather: Pro Stock® Leather is preferred for its rugged durability and unmatched feel
  • SuperSkin™: SuperSkin™ is a microfiber material that’s half the weight of Pro Stock Leather, but twice as durable. Its moisture-resistant design extends the longevity of the glove, and is easier to clean than traditional leather.
  • Spin Control Technology: A dimpled pattern in the Pro Stock™ Leather in the palm and web of your A2000® helps reduce the spin rate of the ball by rapidly increasing friction at the moment of contact between ball and glove.
  • Flat Finger Binding: Flat Finger Binding gives players who prefer to play with a finger outside the glove greater comfort and control in the field. By reducing the amount of space between your finger and the back of the glove, you’ll experience less pain when making plays
  • Gradient Bold Logos: Multiple eye-catching colors in the signature Wilson logos offer Pro Stock ball gloves a modern appearance.

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