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Wilson A2000 - SCV125 - 12.5" - Fastpitch Glove - LHT

Wilson A2000 - SCV125 - 12.5" - Fastpitch Glove - LHT


  • $339.99


This A2000 features the closed, Victory web from Wilson. As well, it has the awesome Pro Stock leather that has made the A2000 line legendary for over 60 years.

The 12.5" length will work well in the outfield in addition to the pitcher's circle. However, if you rove between the infield and outfield (or just want a larger glove for infield) this could be one to purchase. In fastpitch with the larger ball (when compared to a baseball), you can get away with a little larger glove length as it shouldn't hamper your transfer time all that much.

Lastly, be sure you take note of the new Spin Control technology. The catching surface of this fastpitch glove is covered with hundreds of dimples. These dimples create more friction on the ball as it enters the glove and makes it less likely that a softball can spin out while making a catch! This is definitely a feature that is beneficial at any position on the field.

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